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Reaching out for therapy is an act of courage, especially when problems can be so dis-couraging and isolating. If you're here, you may have a hunch or a hope that life could be different, that there is a you who knows how to live better, with more engagement, harmony, intention, or joy. Maybe you feel like you're on the outskirts of your life, like you're not leading the "right" life. Maybe you're always one foot-in/one-foot-out, or you struggle with anxiety, depression, or finding a satisfying relationship. I work with problems of all kinds and experience of life is made up of stories told by us and the world around us - and that those stories can be rewritten. 


Problems get their power from stories that are incomplete at best and often downright cruel. Together, we can rewrite stories that support your hopes, dreams, and desires. 

We have been taught to fear the yes within ourselves - Audre Lorde

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